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" Natural Wholistic Health’s Intestinal Cleansing Kit is truly amazing. Easy process. Simply take 6 pills in the morning and evening (2 of each of the 3 pills). Effects are gentle, but effective.  Not only did it cleanse, but it also ridded me of excess water and I had an increase in energy, feeling better overall.


The first time I used it was a month before a scheduled procedure. It cleansed my system so well that when I had to do my pre-procedure “flush,” there was nothing to clear out!


Three years later, I swear by this product and use periodically to stay ‘clear.’ "

—  Charles Alfortish

" Hi Dorcus, I have to tell you Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


This woman blend is INCREDIBLE!! I'd started taking it Saturday and I noticed a difference by that evening. I'm a lot calmer, focused and I feel liberated. I was able to sit down to read and relax. I haven't done this in years.


The flashes are still here, however, I think it is subsiding. You are my ANGEL😀 I have told some ladies and they're asking who?where? and how? You are a well kept secret and I'm glad to have you in my circle of acquaintance. "

—  Inga Moses


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