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This knowledge has been distorted with the conventional way of thinking in addressing health. Some people think herbs are made in a lab as Western medicine is. They are not! Although, some natural plants have properties that are extracted and put in the man-made medicine(prescriptions) like White Willow Bark; it is used in headache formulas.   ​

Herbs provide nutritional support; they have essential nutrients that nourish the body’s deepest elements. They detox, repair and build. They work on healing, not symptoms, targeting the root cause of the problem and activating in that area. They cleanse, rejuvenate, revitalize and protect the body by strengthening the immune system. They contain powerful potent properties but still are considered food. ​

But how? Herbs and Essential Oils vibrate at a frequency like anything in nature. If our internal organs are not vibrating at capacity, then the herbs and essential oils go directly to those weak areas and start helping that particular organ. 


Herb Directions:

  • Herbs are recommended to take for (6) days then resting the body on the (7th) day. 

  • Continue that regimen until the duration of herbs.

  • Take 1/ hour before, or after meals; never with meals

  • Drink 12oz's of water with herb

  • Do Not, take herbs at the same time with medicine.

These products have been designed to provide possible benefits. It is not to treat, cure, prescribe, or diagnose in any way, nor is it intended to serve as a substitute for professional medical help. If you have a condition that you feel requires medical attention, you should seek the services of a health practitioner. The company assumes no responsibility for any outcome adverse outcome or problem if a person decides to use products.

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