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About Us

The Journey Into Natural Health

As a child I watched my mother prepare home remedies made of herbal teas for colds and flu and use water therapy for fevers and sprains. Because of my own health issues and my daughter being born premature, I looked for alternative modalities.


I learned that it is important to eat nutritious, energetic foods and exercise for a vibrant healthy life. 


After many years of working in the medical industry as a Medical/Laboratory Assistant, I've realized Western medicine only focuses on symptoms and not the whole body which is a new paradox that has been created over time. I was so eager to learn more that coincidentally there was a "Now Hiring" sign next door from my p.o. box store. I quit my medical job, took a huge pay cut, and never looked back.

  • 1996- certified Medical Assistant.

  • 2003- hired at the Natural Health Clinic in Los Angeles, CA; trained under the founder & owner Naturopath Doctor Terrance L. Sullivan.

  • 2007- certified Herbalist & Aromatologist.

  • 2012certified Iridologist (the study of the irises) from Clayton College of Natural Health.

  • 2014- sponsored by Sam's Club (thanks to my professor & mentor) & I opened my company. 

  • 2019- Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of New Orleans. 

  • 2023- Master's of Science in Health Care Management. 


My goal is to share all my knowledge. =)


Remember, the path to healthy living is simply to make wise food choices, exercise, meditate, get enough sunbeams, rest, and enjoy life! We are the elements. =)


"We don't catch diseases, we create them by breaking down the natural defense according to the way we eat, drink, think and live." (Dr. Bernard Jensen- Iridologist Pioneer)​



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