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The principles of natural health are Mind, Body and Spirit connection.

Quantum physics teaches that we are one with the earth and the universe. All living things are made of light and energy; one main energy source regulating all. ​​The elements that allow us to live are made of earth, fire, air, and water and all these elements are found in the foods we eat. Why is this important? Everything starts in the mind, therefore, positive thoughts create a harmonious chain reaction throughout all the cells in the body allowing the body to feel vibrant, balanced, young and strong. All The food we eat is considered fuel for the body and is involved in changing the body's anatomy: everyday a new pancreas and stomach line is formed, every 3 weeks new lungs, every 5 months a new liver, every few years a new skeletal system. As a result, the selection and quality of food affect our body's physiological activities. We get a new skeletal system, or as I like to think of it, "we become a new person" every several years. ​To stimulate the body’s energy system we must eat natural whole energetic foods that consist and provide all the essential nutrients and of course, it helps to exercise, meditate and rest...all will rejuvenate the body.



Once your diet changes you will have an immense amount of energy. This is not found in a poor unbalanced dead diet like greasy, fried, fast, processed foods. The body in its natural state activates the self-healing process by eliminating impurities from the eliminative organs, such as: colon, kidneys, lungs, skin, liver, gallbladder and spleen. The body cannot eliminate properly if eliminative organs are not functioning at capacity. ​"[I]mpurities/toxins are created by the function of metabolism and consuming GM/Hybrid foods, toxic substances such as: artificial coloring, flavoring from processed foods, pesticides, herbicides, synthetic hormones, meds, antibiotics, other drugs, chemicals found in meat, poultry, eggs & dairy (milk, cheese, eggs) products, immunizations, toxic substances found in drinking water (chloride, fluoride to name a couple)." (Robert ​"Remember the body in its infinite wise-mind will always be on your side." 

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